Saturday, April 01, 2006

Episode Five A wicked Brother

A wicked BrotherPrince won the archey contest. But said Anna’s father Prospero, the Gonzalo of Calculand “Prince, 3 years ago,” continued prospero, “you were Prince of calculand, and also the duke of this calculand. Uou have a brother whose name was Antonio, to whom you trust everything, and you were fond of quiet and deep study, you commonly left the governing of your state affairs to your brother, your false brother Antonio being thus in possession of your power, began to think himself the duke indeed. The chance you gave him of making himself beloved of your subjects awakened in his bad nature a proud desire to rob you of your dukedom.” “He wanted to kill you, I think no wonder you lost your memory and found yourself at that cave.” “Why didn’t he just destroy me?” Asked Prince. “They dare not, so dear was the love that your people bore you.” Continued Prospero, Now Antonio is outside in Biologiland, and will return in two days, you need to catch him at the river Styx before his return

A) Find the area of the boat that Prince going to use. He will be have fight with Antonio on this boat.
Two functions about the boat, two sides of the boat. F(x)=4-x^2 and g(x)=5-2x.

B) The temperature on the river during 1 24-hour period is given by
F(t)= -( 80-100 cos (Pai/t)/12). 0Find the temperature between t=6 and t=14.

C) And storm will have whenever the temperature is at -78 degrees Fahrenheit, for what value of t is storm going to have?


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