Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Episode 3: When the Prince met Anna

In the previous episode, the Prince met Charon, the Ferryman of the Underworld, who granted him three mathematical questions to answer before he was able to cross the river. After much anticipation, the Prince successfully answered all three questions and was allowed to continue across the river….
The Prince continued to travel on for many miles while never even realizing he had just entered the “Forbidden Forest”. Exhausted from his long journey, he sat under a large tree bearing delicious guava. Decided to eat and eventually fell asleep under the tree. Suddenly he was awake by a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful woman, followed by a wizard.
“I am Anna Kiki of Calculand and this is my sidekick Harrey the wizard”, she replies.
“Hello!” said the wizard.
“I…I am… I don’t know my name. I don’t remember who I am….”
“ Oh! I remember you. You are the Prince of…..” And before Anna say another word she was swept away instantaneously by a purple, green spotted fire-breathing dragon followed by a hairy short goblin.
“Who are you?” yells the Prince, drawing out his sword.
“I’m the great and powerful goblin of Dereva. Hemo the goblin. Ha!ha!ha!” said the evil goblin.
“Put her down this instant Hemo”
“Not so fast,” he says laughing in amusement, “If you want her save her then”.
“Barney! Take her to the castle” demanded Hemo to his pet dragon.
Then Barney flies Anna over to the goblins castle and places the princess in the tower leaving the prince and the wizard on the ground.
“Oh k! what do we do now?” asked the furious Prince.
“I have an idea!” said Harrey. With his magical powers he created a 72 foot ladder.
“Here, use this and lean this against the castle walls.”
“Thanks Harrey!”
Initially the prince lean the top of the ladder against the wall at a height of 45 feet. However, Anna is located on top of the castle wall at a height of approximately 56 feet. So Harrey use his magical powers and he push the base of the ladder towards the castle wall in order to increase its height. However, the evil goblin also uses his powers to stop the prince from reaching the top of the castle. Luckily, the force that Harrey pushed the ladder towards the castle wall was greater than the force of Hemo. Because of Harrey’s strength he was able to push the ladder on top of the wall. He knows that when the bottom of the ladder is 11 feet away from where it started, the Prince would reach the tower and save Anna. It took him 1 minute and 12 seconds to push the base of the ladder 11 feet. Then when the prince got to the top he drew out his sword and slayed Hemo‘s pet Barney. The goblin just vanished into thin air after the encounter. Anna kissed the Prince and whispered softly against his chest, “Thank you, your majesty!”

A.) How far away does the ladder initially away from the wall?
B.) At what rate I feet per second did Harrey the wizard pushed the ladder towards the wall?
C.) When the Prince reached the top of the castle at what rate was the top of the ladder moving?