Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chapter Two: The Trip Across Styx

After getting past Cerebus, the prince found himself with in a vast cavern with a very odd river flowing through it. There was a dock with a cloaked man sitting crouched in his boat. Upon approaching, the man greeted the prince. "I am Charon, ferryman of the Underworld. You must pay the toll if you wish to cross the river Styx." The prince reached for his coin pouch but the ferryman stated, "Rules are different now. Hades decreed that I am now supposed to charge 1 gold coin for every 4 meters I take you. It usually takes me 29 seconds to cross the river. I manage the speed of my boat at 6 meters every second, but the blasted river makes my boat speed up at 4 meters per second every second." With no other way across the river of souls, the prince will have to pay the toll. Help the prince find his bill for the ferry ride.

A)What is the function that represents the velocity of the boat?

B) Given the time interval of the trip, how far will the boat travel before letting the prince off?

C)What will his final fare at the end of the trip be?